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African-American History Month In Downtown

Exploring The Sites And People Enriching Our District's African-American Heritage

February is African-American History Month, and there are a wide variety of resources available for exploring the Downtown area's celebrated African-American history. Visit the following pages to learn more:

  • The Boston Globe published a fascinating profile of the 19th-century Black Bostonian abolitionist David Walker, whose shop stood on what was once called Brattle Street--now the southern edge of City Hall Plaza. (The "Brattle Street" name for that now-demolished street is the same "Brattle Street" inspiring the name of Downtown's legendary Brattle Book Shop.)

  • Boston's Museum Of African-American History has developed the following online exhibit dedicated to Boston's Black Heritage Trail.
  • For Revolutionary Spaces' vivid online exhibit dedicated to Crispus Attucks, the African-American Bostonian who died in the Boston Massacre, visit here.

  • The Tufts University African American Trail Project map features numerous historic sites within our district. Visit here to access it.
  • Finally, for the City of Boston's Black History Month webpage, please visit here.