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Road Closures Due to Tower Crane This Weekend

Several streets will be closed, but pedestrians will have access to all businesses, from tonight until at least Monday, due to crane construction. 

The Millennium Tower project will be begin the erection process for the project’s tower crane this weekend beginning on Friday, February 14th at 7 pm and finishing on Sunday,  February 16th, at 11 pm. 

Due to safety concerns, Hawley Street will be closed from Franklin Street to the Snow Place Alleyway for the duration of the erection process. Franklin Street will also be closed from Hawley Street to Washington Street for the duration of the erection process.

Pedestrians will have access to all local businesses during the erection process.

Access to the MBTA entrance on Franklin Street will be shut down for the duration of the erection process. 

Vehicular access to the 101 Arch Street garage will be provided via Snow Place and access to 33 Arch St., will remain open as is currently available.

There will be five police details to assist the public and help with traffic flow. 

The scheduled dates for the assembly of the crane are: Friday, February 14th from 7 pm to 11 pm (Set up of assist crane); Saturday, February 15th from 6 am to 11 pm (Tower Crane erection). Sunday, February 16th from 6 am to 11 pm (Tower Crane erection).

Suffolk Construction Company and its subcontractors will do everything in their power to maintain this schedule. Weather permitting, Monday will be held as a contingency day due to potential weather conditions. During the Monday contingency day all efforts will be made to maintain vehicular access to Hawley Street.