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Snow Removal Regulations for City of Boston

All City of Boston snow removal regulations can be found here. You can also report an unshoveled sidewalk or a business plowing into the street/sidewalk from that link.

When you shovel, make sure to:

  • Clear sidewalks within three hours of snowfall ending or three hours after sunrise if it snows overnight.

  • Remove ice to bare pavement or make as level as possible.

  • Clear at least a 42 inch wide path for wheelchairs and strollers.

Don't shovel or plow snow into the street: Violators caught shoveling snow from private property into the street will be fined.

Each day that a violation exists is considered a separate and distinct violation.

Please call the BID Dispatch line at 617-261-0066 to report unshoveled crosswalks, handicapped ramps and sewers.