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Behind The Scenes Tour (Old South Meeting House)

Please check with event host as times and dates may have changed.
Behind The Scenes Tour (Old South Meeting House)

Old South Meeting House is proud to present a unique opportunity to climb the Old South Meeting House tower and view the interior workings of the magnificent 1766 tower clock with an expert in clock restoration. Created by Gawen Brown and installed in 1770, this is the nation's oldest American-made tower clock still in operation in its original location. The clock is powered by a eight-day weight, and is connected to a rare 1801 Paul Revere bell originally made for Westborough, Massachusetts.

Participants in this behind-the-scenes event will meet horologist David Hochstrasser of The Clock Shop, who has worked for years to skillfully preserve the clock and restored its connection to the bell. Old South Meeting House staff, including Executive Director Emily Curran, will provide additional information about this remarkable part of Old South's history.
Please be aware that you will be standing or climbing for most of the tour and the climb up the tower is steep and strenuous.  Please plan accordingly and wear appropriate footwear.