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"Brazen" At the Emerson Paramount Center

Please check with event host as times and dates may have changed.
"Brazen" At the Emerson Paramount Center

Brazen revolves around a mother and daughter – Cameron, the mother, is a brilliant photographer who uses fairy tales as a framework and her ever-changing daughter as a model. Miranda, her daughter, in order to escape the claustrophobia of her upbringing, joins a funky/grunge feminist girls’ band and finds herself in trouble in part due to her mother’s work.

Brazen is loosely based on the work of English novelist Angela Carter and American photographer Sally Mann. It also adapts the French Bluebeard folktale, wherein a powerful man destroys a series of women as a backdrop to explore questions of gender, objectification, intimacy, differentiation and “what price art”.

This is an Emerson Stage production. For more Information, Click Here!