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Celebrate Public Art During ArtWeek Boston

Celebrate Public Art During ArtWeek Boston

Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 1 pm will be World Labyrinth Day: Walk as One in Peace & Harmony. At 12:45 pm, for first-time walkers, introduction to walking a labyrinth. 1:30 pm Reception to View the Abstract Sculpture 2017 Configuration Remarks: Jared Bowen WGBH Executive Arts Editor and Host, Open Studio Tea & Desserts hosted by MEM Tea Imports & Eastern Lamejun Bakers

The two-part celebration features the Park's Labyrinth and Abstract Sculpture.

The Labyrinth represents life's journey - one path leading towards the center and the same path leading out. A single jet of water at its center is symbolic of hope and rebirth.

The Abstract Sculpture, commemorates the immigrant experience. Annually at the beginning of April, the Abstract Sculpture, a split rhomboid dodecahedron, is reconfigured, symbolic of all who pulled away from their country of origin and came to these Massachusetts shores, establishing themselves in new and different ways. A crane lifts and pulls apart the two halves of the split rhomboid dodecahedron, made of steel and aluminum, to create a new sculptural shape.