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Essay Contest 2018: The Bostonian Society

Essay Contest 2018: The Bostonian Society

To promote an appreciation for our state’s history, The Bostonian Society and Boston Duck Tours, with the support of Revolution 250, sponsor a yearly essay contest for greater Boston area school children in grades 5-8. Students in grades 5-6 are asked to submit an essay of 300-500 words, Students in grades 7-8 are asked to submit an essay of 500-700 words. The First Place student in each grade group receives a Duck Tour and a visit to the Old State House for his/her class (up to 36 people including chaperones). 

For more information on this event please visit:


Pretend you have been tasked to create a time capsule for your community. Your time capsule will contain items that relate to your community’s history and heritage from the time your community was settled until the present day. In your essay, describe how you would build your time capsule and list the items you would put in it. Explain the significance of each item and why you feel it should be in your time capsule. Illustrations of your time capsule and the items you choose may be included with the essay. Be creative.


Entries should be received no later than February 15, 2018. Please include the student’s name, grade, teacher’s name, school, and school address on the front page. The student’s name should be on each subsequent page.

Send entries to: 

Jim Healy,

Boston Duck Tours 

4 Copley Place #4155, Boston, MA 02116