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FREE Seminar: Time Management for the Modern Entrepreneur

Please check with event host as times and dates may have changed.
FREE Seminar: Time Management for the Modern Entrepreneur

Rarely does an entrepreneur only operate between Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. That doesn’t mean you can’t have processes around having super productive weeks for yourself! Have you ever wondered how to best leverage your time, systemize communication and prioritize the things in life you can’t go without? This live training will not only divulge how to wield your time, but also take you along a humorous ride.

Speaker Vince Carone's captivating presentation style and informative topics ensure that this will be no ordinary seminar! Agenda Introduction (15-minutes) Team Activity (15-minutes) Communication Management (25-minutes) Time Management (15-minutes) Priority Management (10-minutes) Wrap-Up (10-minutes).

Vince Carone of Cultivate Advisors is no stranger to captivating a room and bringing them along for the ride. For the past 16-years, he has traveled the country as a businessman by day and a stand-up comedian by night. Prior to Cultivate Advisors, he led many sales and retention teams for a successful dot-com company where his energy and passion drove him to become the Director of Sales. His relationship management and ability to empathize allowed Vince to connect with each member of his team both individually and on a group level. Vince now finds himself as the Vice President of Training for Cultivate Advisors. His change-up of learnings styles and quick wit are what keep the audience locked in throughout his training. Using his “been there, done that” relatable experiences and stories, Vince will keep the audience laughing while learning. Join your Better Business Bureau and StartBlox for a FREE seminar at WeWork in Boston.