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MITX DesignTech Summit 2017

Please check with event host as times and dates may have changed.
MITX DesignTech Summit 2017

The MITX DesignTech Summit is the only local event focused on design as a strategic force in your quest to build brands and businesses that connect beyond compare with consumers.

The tools of our modern existence are getting faster, cheaper, and smaller at an exponential rate, just as billions of strangers around the world are suddenly just one click or tweet or post away from each other. Technology has forced companies to make drastic changes in order to keep up. And because of this, the pressure to connect consumers and brands is more meaningful than ever before. Those who can make the connection are thriving and those who cannot are fading away. Design principals are the key to improving customer experience, so how do you go from theory to reality in this world of hyper complexity? What strategic design methods are companies using to stay ahead and be competitive?

Tickets: $100 for MITX Members $175 for non-members.