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The 4th Annual Emerson Green Gala

The 4th Annual Emerson Green Gala

Every year around Earth Day, Emerson students put on the Green Gala to help celebrate our planet through diverse forms of inspiring performance art and films. With the state of our world today, the Green Gala is a valuable outlet for Emerson students to use their voices to bring awareness to serious environmental issues. All ticket proceeds from the Gala will go toward the Green Gala Fund to allow this unique event to continue.

The Pre-Show, starting at 6:15 in the lobby, kicks off the Green Gala by educating the community about ways of becoming more environmentally conscious and providing opportunities to get more involved. While mingling and learning about these invaluable topics, guests can enjoy free vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free food. The Green Gala performance follows at 7:30 and is structured like a competition in that various types of acts can perform in front of guest judges for a chance to win $1,000.

This fun, uplifting, and inspiring event speaks not only to the power art has to make change, but to the incomparable impact coming together for an important cause can have on our community and planet. Don’t miss your chance to experience Emerson’s 4th annual Green Gala!

For tickets and more information on this event, please click here!