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WBUR: "On Stage" At the Wilbur Theatre

WBUR: "On Stage" At the Wilbur Theatre

You care about what’s happening in the world. You read it. You hear it. Now experience it – LIVE – at WBUR On Stage.

Join us for this extraordinary performance…telling the best WBUR stories live from the people who reported them. Video, photography, music and sound will accompany their tales for a unique multimedia experience.

Live music will be performed by reporter/producer Lynn Jolicoeur & The Pulse, producer for new programming Amory Sivertson and audio engineer Mike Moschetto.

Stories include:

Bob Oakes, host of Morning Edition: While covering the Dukakis presidential campaign in Des Moines, Iowa, Bob gets an urgent call that takes him on a breathless journey.

Shira Springer, sports and society reporter: Nazis, a senator and a steamship. How a young, gutsy woman fought for her family’s future.

Robin Young, co-host of Here & Now: Robin’s nephew discovers his career after being thrust into the limelight amidst bombs and betrayal.

Jack Lepiarz, reporter and anchor: Growing up in the circus? Ah yes, Jack’s double-life makes a lot more sense now.

Shannon Dooling, reporter: Shannon confronts travel bans, lawyers and desperate families in this year’s latest political battleground.

Bill Littlefield, host Only A Game: Bill meets a horse who holds the record for most races ever run, without ever winning.

Ron Suskind, co-host Freak Out and Carry On: What can we learn about the world, from a world leader who always knew she would be assassinated?

VIP ticket purchases include access to a post-show meet and greet with the hosts and reporters, beer/wine and a signed poster.

For tickets and more information on this event, please Click Here!