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When Angels Fall at the Emerson Paramount Center

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When Angels Fall at the Emerson Paramount Center

Actress, director, and circus performer Raphaëlle Boitel takes a lifetime of performance and distills it down to its pure essence with the stunning new production, When Angels Fall. Drawing inspiration from such disparate artists as Pina Bausch, David Lynch and her longtime collaborator, James Thieréere, this delightfully dark and entrancing theatrical premiere explores how the beauty of letting go gives us the strength we need to rise.

Boitel weaves a riveting tale of flightless angels surviving a global collapse, where the resilience of the human spirit is pitted against the sterile and mechanical. When one survivor refuses to settle into this bleak new universe, a rebellion ensues that threatens to turn a hopeless situation even worse. When Angels Fall is a mesmerizing feat of visual storytelling (no words are uttered on stage), that will summon laughter and awe even during the harsh descent from the heavens.

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