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Wine and Cheese: USA vs The World, with Adam Centamore

Please check with event host as times and dates may have changed.

When it comes to cheese and wine, the United States is world-class, making award-winning food and drink. For too many people, unfortunately, “made in the USA” still means plastic-wrapped slices of orange cheese and white Zinfandel. It is time to change that. This class will present four “rounds” of cheese, each comprising a domestic cheese and a European cheese that have something in common (goat milk, or blues, for example) and condiments. Each round will feature a wine that pairs with both. (The wines alternate between European and domestic. A red and a white of each will be served during the class.) Attendees will sample both, and then vote for their favorite. To add a layer of fun and interest, all the cheeses are tasted “blindly,” without the participants knowing the origin of each until after they have voted. It's the red, white, and blue against the EU! Spend an evening experiencing the tastiest competition around. Admission is $60.00