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Skin Care Adventure

In response to the pandemic’s resurgence, Boston has adapted its COVID-19 regulations. Visit for more information. Business hours of operation may still be impacted; please contact businesses directly for the most up-to-date information.

Categories: Health & Beauty

Business Information

Phone: (617) 338-9222

Website: Skin Care Adventure


Monday-Sunday: 10 am-7 pm

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The Skin Care Adventure began many years ago when co-founder and CEO Kimberly was just a young girl. She really cares about the beauty and wellness. She was influenced by her father who is a Doctor. She wants to use her professional knowledge to help her clients to be more beauty and more healthy.

She learned Esthetician and Massage Therapy in Japan, Korean, Thailand, Hong Kong. Also she learned Cosmetology in America. She accumulated many years of experience, and summed up a set of beauty and health skin care, it calls Wellness Beauty Service.

She realized that the Wellness can help clients to relieve decompression in the busy modern lifestyle. Therefore, she believes her salon is not only about beauty, it is a place to help people to get Wellness Beauty.