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BID Services

BID Ambassadors During COVID-19

Our Ambassador program continues to be run by its amazing and dedicated team. We are committed to paying our ambassadors and this allows us to continue our operation. Serving 24/7 daily, our Ambassadors remain operational--while following all safety and health protocols that have been issued pertaining to COVID-19. The BID staff, which is now working remotely, also continues to work with great dedication. The safety of our staff and Ambassadors is our main concern. 

Although the Ambassadors’ functions have evolved with current needs, their core mission is unchanged. They are keeping the district clean, making property and business observations, and continuing to communicate with our network of contacts and liaisons at the City and State level, and various social service providers. Emergency utility/infrastructure repairs are still being undertaken, as are trash collections, and the BPD and MBTA Transit police continues to be visible and responsive. With several street-level businesses still open, and deliveries ongoing, the Ambassadors continue with their trash/cardboard removal operations.