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BID Services

BID Ambassadors Making a Difference.

Ambassadors provides sunshine to sunshine state visitors

"Hi! I just wanted to pop in to say that my husband and I visited this past weekend and had an incredible time. It was awesome to see the beautiful placemaking efforts you all have done to put the there there in Boston! I got to talk to Peter the Ambassador at the Boston Massacre site and he was so friendly and helpful to us. I had to give him a shoutout. :) We absolutely cannot wait to come back and visit.
-- Best, Haley from Jacksonville, Florida

Ambassadors jumpstart vehicles for motorists

"I am writing to thank the BID. I was doing some personal business on Federal Street when my car battery died and I could not start my car. Fortunately, I met Ambassador Bruce, who was very, very helpful.  Without your help, I am sure it would've been a very long and costly day." 
-- Edward L.

Ambassadors provide umbrellas when it's raining

"I had a long walk today in Downtown Boston and didn't have my umbrella while it was pouring rain. Ambassador Don handed over his umbrella ... he was wonderful, friendly, gracious -- and we really appreciated it!"
-- Meena J.