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History of the BID

How the Downtown Boston BID Came To Exist

The Downtown Boston BID is the first Business Improvement District in Boston, one of the last major cities in the United States to form a BID.  

The creation of Boston's first business improvement district was a collaborative process that engaged hundreds of stakeholders committed to achieving downtown's full potential as a thriving destination.

In October 2004, the City of Boston launched the Downtown Crossing Economic Initiative, indicating a renewed commitment by City departments to restoring downtown's market position. The Downtown Crossing Partnership was a major advocate for the Initiative and drew support from and for the neighborhood by serving as a liaison with the city, organizing concerts and other events, and coordinating holiday decorations and marketing efforts.

While the effort began with Downtown Crossing, it encompassed a broader service delivery area. With people passing through downtown each day headed to work at locations from the Financial District to the Theater District, it became clear that the entire Downtown Boston area would benefit from improved safety, cleanliness, activity, and business promotion.

The campaign to create the BID came to fruition when the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District was incorporated in 2010, with more than 500 member properties contributing to its activities. After engaging an RFP process to select a clean and hospitality service provider, Block-By-Block ambassadors were deployed in April 2011.