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BID Programs

what we do

The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District creates a clean, safe, and vibrant environment for everyone who spends time in the area. Our mission is to transform downtown through programs and supplemental services targeting area needs. Many of our services and achievements can be found in our Welcome Guide.

  • Clean and Hospitality Ambassadors

    The Downtown Boston BID's Clean & Hospitality Ambassadors are hard at work seven days a week, nearly 24 hours a day, providing a wide range of supplemental services to downtown. From powerwashing and graffiti removal to assisting stranded motorists and helping visitors with directions, the Ambassadors are on the job!

  • Safety & Risk Assessment

    The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District (BID) works closely and communicates daily with our public safety partners to communicate safety challenges, risks assessments and identify strategic safety programs.

  • Capital Improvements

    With its municipal partners and agencies, the Downtown Boston BID works to assess downtown's overall built environment, alert constituencies to upcoming infrastructure changes, provide mitigation for construction impacts, and develop and implement recommendations for uniform streetscape upgrades.

  • Safety Escort Program

    Downtown Boston BID Ambassadors are pleased to provide walking escorts throughout the BID district all year-long. Just call the BID Customer Service Hotline at 617-261-0066 at least 10 minutes prior to when you need an escort.

  • BID News

    Across multiple communication channels--weekly e-newsletter, social media, this website, targeted e-blasts--the Downtown Boston BID keeps a global audience informed of everything happening in our dynamic downtown: groundbreakings, new businesses, special events and promotions, and more!

  • Events and Programming

    From seasonal favorites such as the Doggone Halloween costume parade to newer traditions--such as the Temple Place Block Party--the Downtown Boston BID continuously activates the downtown streetscape with lively programming.

  • Advocacy, Marketing and Promotion

    Through a variety of channels--weekly e-newsletter, social media, outdoor poster campaigns, maps, promotional literature, special events, and more--the Downtown Boston BID helps get the word out about downtown's numerous attractions, assets, and amenities.

  • Ambassadors Making A Difference: Customer Feedback

    The Downtown Boston BID receives dozens of compliments a month from people from all over the world--as well as locals in the community--who have received vital assistance to our Clean & Hospitality Ambassadors. Click on the headline above to browse through some of the highlights.

  • Upgrading Streetscapes & Beautification

    From overhead hanging planters, to wind banners, holiday starlights, and more, the Downtown Boston BID vigorously works to beautify and enhance the downtown streetscape through a wide range of visual amenities.

  • Connecting to Social Services

    Committed to ensuring the best possible downtown experience for everyone, the Downtown Boston BID collaborates with numerous social service agencies to provide a diverse array of outreach services.