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Forging an Exciting Next Chapter for Downtown Boston


While most American downtowns are focused on trying to get back to 2019, Boston’s Downtown has been focused on 2029, 2039, and 2049. Through the leadership of the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, working hand-in-hand with the City of Boston, a multifaceted strategy is being implemented throughout the downtown.

The plan for Downtown Boston’s future is focused on supporting an exciting and contemporary mix of retailers, activating our streets and plazas with art & cultural programming, welcoming new generations of office workers and residents, expanding upon the city’s best local restaurant scene, developing an around-the-clock economy that works for everyone’s interests, and continuing to sustain our first-rate theaters and historic sites. See below for information on some of the pillars of the Next Chapter for Downtown Boston.


Economic Development


The BID has launched the ‘Level Up Downtown Initiative’ with an initial $2 million commitment to attract new small businesses, launch pop-up retail and activity venues, and to catalyze an authentic, inclusive, and around-the-clock economy. 


Public Art


The BID is developing a compelling, destination-worthy public art program, as evidenced by the incredible success of the ongoing WINTERACTIVE exhibition.


Restaurant Scene


The BID is attracting new and exciting restaurant concepts and ensuring existing establishments have the tools they need to succeed. With more restaurants open now than before the pandemic, the city’s best local restaurant scene is getting even better by the day!


Cultural Programming


The BID is launching a new process in 2024 for Downtown event producers to broaden the area’s annual festival and activity calendar. The new process will launch in March and provide event producers with wrap-around resources, including grant funding tied to the impact of the event. Stay tuned!


Theaters & Historic Sites


The BID works to support, promote, and preserve our neighborhood’s first-rate theaters and historic sites.


Diversifying Building Uses


The BID continues to work to expand the mix of industries and services featured downtown, while also welcoming the conversion of properties to residential, hotel, and other commercial uses that capitalize on the demands of the coming generation of consumers. Learn more.