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BID Programs

BID Ambassadors Making a Difference.

Ambassadors provide directions and offer maps for tourists

"My husband and I met Ambassador Yolanda who welcomed us with a big smile and was so helpful and friendly. She provided us with a lot of info and assistance on how to walk the Freedom Trail as we only had five hours in Boston. She gave us maps, general info and pamphlets, which were helpful when we got a little lost. She ever offered to take a picture of us with our camera phone, which turned out to be the best pic of our trip! Thank you, Yolanda! You are the perfect person to have as an Ambassador for Downtown Boston."
-- Mike and Pat D from Ontario, Canada

Ambassadors jumpstart vehicles for motorists

"I am writing to thank the BID. I was doing some personal business on Federal Street when my car battery died and I could not start my car. Fortunately, I met Ambassador Bruce, who was very, very helpful.  Without your help, I am sure it would've been a very long and costly day." 
-- Edward L.

Ambassadors provide umbrellas when it's raining

"I had a long walk today in Downtown Boston and didn't have my umbrella while it was pouring rain. Ambassador Don handed over his umbrella ... he was wonderful, friendly, gracious -- and we really appreciated it!"
-- Meena J.

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