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Downtown Boston BID Lunchtime Baggo (Corn Hole) League Info

Downtown Boston BID Lunchtime Baggo League

The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District is starting a free, fun, co-ed, social Lunchtime Baggo (corn hole) league starting Tuesday, July 14th. Individuals sign up to play during lunchtime.  Games involve two people playing against each other and games take a maximum of 30 minutes, so you’ll be back at work in no time and still have time to eat your lunch. The league will run for seven weeks and then be followed by a playoff - a fun seeded tournament the week of September 8-11 (weather permitting). If you're interested in participating or have questions please contact Mike Testa at [email protected]. Please provide your name, email, phone #, company/residence, and preferred playing time (noon, 12:30, 1 or 1:30 pm). 

There will be 32 matches played (weather permitting) each week on Tuesday and Thursday at 125 Summer Street Plaza and on Wednesdays and Fridays at 100 Summer Street Plaza.

Baggo – Basic Rules

Boards will be placed roughly 20 feet apart (using The Official Baggo Boards supplied by the BID). 

Players must stand behind or alongside the board when throwing bags but cannot step in front of the board they are throwing from. If someone steps in front of the line while throwing, that bag will be removed from the board.

Each game will consist of two players. Each player throws at the same board, then walks to the opposite board and repeats the throws.  

Bags are thrown one at a time, that is, Player A throws one bag and then Player B throws one bag until all eight bags are thrown. Players are not allowed to bounce bags off the ground.


Points are scored - 3 points for a bag through the hole and 1 point for a bag on the board.

Points are cumulative, for example:

After one round of eight bags played, Player A has one bag in the hole = 3 points (must fall in the hole, a hanger is worth 1 point); Player B with two bags on the board = 2 points.

Score for the first throws or round for Player A = 3 points, Player B = 2 points.

21 points is game (meaning the game is finished). A player does not have to hit 21 exactly.

In case of a tie of 21 or more, another full round of bags are thrown to determine the winner and repeated until a player has at least a one point lead.

NOTE: Any bag resting on the ground is worth zero points. However, a bag resting partially on the board and partially on another bean bag (without touching the ground) is a legal toss worth one point.

BID Baggo League:

  • Each player is granted eight warm-up tosses bags before the game officially begins. This is only before the first game. If teams want to show up early to practice, that is fine.

Games will start on time.

Players will shake hands and introduce yourself to your opponent prior and shake hands following the conclusion of each match.

  • The "home" player throws first during first match.  Winner throws first in following games.
  • Opponents alternate toss until all eight bags are played.
  • The scoring team has the honor of tossing first in the next round.
  • Scoring: Games will be played to 21
  • Matches consist of three games (lasting a total of 30 minutes).
  • You will receive 1 point for a win for each game (max 3) and 0 points for a loss. You will keep track of your points each day and the winner of the best of three will be responsible for to email the result to the league commissioner following all daily play.
  • You are responsible to show up for your scheduled match on time.  Failure to show up will result in a forfeit and your opponent will receive 3 points.  (This is a fun league, please communicate with your opponent if you are unable to attend.)
  • This is a co-ed league and all players must be 18+ to participate.
  • All points will go towards final standings and seeding in single elimination playoff.
  • There will be a playoff final four with the top four scorers with prizes being awarded prizes! Playoff final four contestants will all receive prizes.

The terms:

ACE – A bag tossed onto the board (1 point)

BAGGO – A bag in the hole (3 points)

BLOCKER - An ACE positioned in front of the hole to prevent SLIDERS

BACK DOOR - A BAGGO tossed over the BLOCKER bag

HANGER - An ACE on the lip of the hole ready to drop

HONORS - The player that scored last tosses first or has HONORS in the next round

FOOT FOUL - Stepping past the front edge of the board while tossing

GROUNDER - A bag on or touching the ground (Zero points)

MARY ELLEN - A tossed bag that falls short of the board

NO BLOOD - A scoreless round

SHOOTER - The person tossing

SLAM – Player makes 4 BAGGOs in one round

PUSH - A BLOCKER pushed in the hole for a BAGGO

SLIDER - A BAGGO that slides in the hole

SWISH - A BAGGO that goes straight into the hole