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One Boston Day

Mayor Walsh Urges A Day of Reflection - One Boston DayOne Boston

Wednesday, April 15th is the 7th anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. It is also the 6th annual One Boston Day, a citywide day of reflection and service. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the City won’t be able to host in-person events or volunteer projects for One Boston Day this year.

Mayor Walsh emphasized that this year’s One Boston Day is as important as ever. He urged people to do everything they can to support their fellow Bostonians, especially through physical distancing and wearing a face covering every time they leave the house. 

The Mayor announced that he will be proclaiming April 15, 2020, a Citywide day of reflection, prayer, and unity. The City will share opportunities to connect online with Boston’s faith community, with secular organizations, and with our local arts community so that everyone has a chance to slow down, reflect, and share some meaningful time with their fellow Bostonians. 

In addition, the City of Boston is calling on everyone to spread goodwill through acts of kindness you can safely do from home, and inviting people to share their reflections on the meaning of One Boston Day on social media with the hashtag #OneBostonDay.