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Win $100 Gift Certificate from Yvonne's! Where are Downtown Dreamtown Buildings Located?

Do you want to win a $100 gift certificate to Yvonne's restaurant? Of course you do! All you need to do is list the addresses of the buildings that are featured in the public art project, Downtown Dreamtown that is atop Macy's balcony in Downtown Crossing.

Starting Tuesday, June 28th, the BID's twitter account will provide clues to each building. All clues will be revealed by the end of Friday, July 1st and then your guesses can be submitted to Anita Lauricella at [email protected]. You do need to provide seven answers (one of the buildings is featured three times so that counts as one guess).

 1DREAMTOWN CARD with numbers  

Clues, art and buildings below

A) This building was built in the late 19th century and the tower intervention by Kohn Pederson Fox Associates was built in 1990
B) The facades of four late-19th century buildings are utilized to create the base upon which an 18-story sits
C) This building is on a street named for a season 

#2 and #4 (They're right next to each other)
A) These classic-revival office buildings were considered skyscrapers in the early 20th century
B) They sit on the same plaza as the Old State House

A) Did you know the piece of material on top of the door is a called a lintel? And the decoration is called a pediment.
B) This building has a bank inside and the intricately carved pediments are French inspired.

A) Bigelow and Wadsworth are the architect for this building built in 1911.
B) This building features gothic-inspired gargoyles atop the column capitals.
C) What did one wall say to the other? I'll meet you in the Corner! 

A) This building built in 1912 exemplifies world-renowned architect Daniel Burnham's mastery of Beaux-Arts architecture.
B) This building used to house the flagship Filene's store.

A) This building built in 1852 is one of Boston's rare surviving examples of mid-19th century Italianate brick architecture. 
B) There's a "rainbow" in this building

Artwork jpgs 07

Artwork jpgs 08

Artwork jpgs 09

Actual building for #1 below

5 summer hint 1 of 1

 Actual building for #2 and #4 below

6 state easton hint 1 of 1

Actual building for #3 below

4 franklin hint 1 of 1

Actual building for #5 below

2 corner hint 1 of 1

Actual building for #6 below

3 burnham hint 1 of 1

Actual building for #7 below

1 winter hint 1 of 1