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Benjamin Franklin, Writer

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Scientist, inventor, diplomat, statesman, philanthropist… Benjamin Franklin’s long list of contributions to American history demonstrates the brilliance and public spirit that made him an enduring legend. But Franklin also made his mark as a writer of poems and essays, even as a teenage printer-in-training, when he lived on Milk Street and attended church in the 1669 wooden meeting house on this site. Franklin scholar Robert Martello will help us peek over the shoulder of this literary founding father, born January 6, 1706 and baptized at Old South Meeting House. From “Silence Dogood” and humorous poems, to satire and autobiography – learn how Franklin’s identity as a printer informed his writing style, word choice, and more. Experience the political controversies, pen names, wisdom and wit that shaped not only Franklin’s career, but the identity of the young republic. Part of the Series Bibliophile Birthdays: Celebrating the Authors of OSMH $6; FREE FOR OSMH MEMBERS.