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The Taming

A beauty queen, a right-wing politician and a liberal activist are locked in a hotel room on the eve of the Miss America pageant—what could possibly go wrong? Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, Lauren Gunderson’s The Taming is a hilarious satirical skewering of American politics that will leave folks from both sides of the aisle rolling in it! Miss America hopeful Katherine has political ambitions as big as her hair. All she needs to transform the government is the help of one conservative senior staffer on the cusp of a career breakthrough, one bleeding-heart liberal blogger who will do anything for her cause and a bit of constitutional know-how from our Founding Fathers. In the hands of these three powerful and powerfully funny ladies, the Constitution is in for a major makeover! All tickets are Pay-What-You-Can! The means we don't decide the price, you do! Our "sweet spot" would be about $20 per person; if you are on a budget, pay less, and if you are able to pay more, please do! All audience members receive 20% off their total food bill at Club Cafe Voter registration forms will be available at all performances to help get out the vote! Appropriate for ages 12+ Contains some mature themes and mildly strong language For more information please visit our webpage at