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Georgie's Wine Shop & Bar

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(The following narrative is told by Jenn Scott, owner of Georgie's Wine Shop & Bar)

When I met my husband Chris over a glass of Sancerre back in 2003, I didn’t know then that it was a glimpse into our future. But after over a decade of corporate careers and a shared life of friendship, family, travel and other life adventures, I wanted to find a career I was passionate about and that was more in sync with our lifestyle.

We took 5 years to plan and launch our first neighborhood wine businesses, Taste Wine Bar and its sister retail store, Common Vines (thanks, MA, for the complicated regulations!), but we did it and it was great. Sadly due to our Downtown location, Taste became a victim of the pandemic, but we took the opportunity to reinvent, get simpler and back in line with a business that balanced our family and work lives better. We decided to marry the retail and bar concepts together in one space and under one name, Georgie’s, after our fur baby bulldog, as a reminder of this simplified approach to family life and business.

Our mission remains to bring people and small production wine together with a personalized approach and a warm space. Stop by and see us--we’re waiting to raise a glass!