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Sam LaGrassa's

Categories: American / Casual Dining & Takeout / Fast Food

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One Of The Oldest Sandwich Shops In Downtown Crossing, Sam LaGrassa's Is An Iconic Downtown Lunchspot

Famed for its variety of mouth-watering sandwiches, Sam LaGrassa's has been a staple of the downtown lunch scene for over 45 years. Sam LaGrassa himself is frequently spotted behind the counter. Specializing in corporate catering, LaGrassa's also provides a casual and cozy dining experience--but make sure to get there early, before the lunchtime crowds!


Sam La Grassa’s was founded in 1968 by Sam La Grassa.  Sam was born and raised in Boston’s North End.  At a very young age Sam had a passion for food and business.  He worked at local restaurants in Boston and eventually purchased a deli in 1968, what is known today as Sam La Grassa’s.  The restaurant has been at the same location for over 50 years.     

With help from his wife and four children the business has grown from a neighborhood lunch spot to one of the largest lunch operations in Boston, expanding into corporate catering, take out delivery, express pick up orders, and overnight shipping.  

At Sam La Grassa’s we are all about the food.  Meats are prepared in house and served fresh daily.  Sauces and dressings are made from scratch.  Breads and rolls are baked to our specs and flavor profiles.  All ingredients combine to make legendary gourmet sandwiches carefully thought out and perfected with over 50 years of experience.