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Room Escapers Boston

Categories: Historic & Cultural Attractions

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Room Escapers Boston is a local, Boston based business that offers challenging, interactive escape rooms in two downtown Boston locations: in the Old Corner Bookstore in Boston Proper and in the Blackstone District in the Cornerstone building. Room Escapers' performances are top-rated by escape game enthusiasts and novices alike!

Large and immersive game designs, unique puzzles, and exciting story lines make for one-of-a-kind experiences. Room Escapers' spacious lobby is great for company or group team-building, events, and parties. From helping a tour guide on a daring shipwreck scavenge of the historic sunken pirate ship the Whydah, to helping a lead FBI agent crack the case on organized crime in the early Nineties in Boston, to exploring a long-forgotten apothecary that was operational in the Old Corner Bookstore in the early 1700s, Room Escapers' themes are based on real events and happenings in Boston’s rich history.